Printing Biotechnologies

Huge step in the field of practical medicine

Investment Holding IQDEMY is a group of science-driven innovative enterprises operating in digital printing, control electronics, chemistry and consulting markets since 1998. Holding enterprises produce high-precision and complex printing equipment, inks, protective coatings, control electronics for printing systems. Besides, scientific and experimental-design activities imply scientific research which is constantly carried out in the field of coloring and protective substances chemistry, development and prototyping of complex printing systems for the world's leading manufacturers of consumer goods.

Bioprinting is creating of tissues and organs with human cells using printing technologies, where digital organ model replaced text; ink is replaced with biological material, the “paper” is hydrogel substrate (natural or synthetic), which is used to fixate and assemble cells and finally printing press is replaced with bioprinter, which in its latest version is more a robotized mechanism rather than a “press”.

These basic components of bioprinting technology determine the main directions and prospects of development this field:

Developing the software for modeling and print managing

Improve bioprinters engineering solutions, precise three-dimensional live cells positioning

Empirical identification of optimal nutrient solutions for preserving the viability of the human cells, accelerating their assembling into integrated tissues.

Bioprinting projects

Printing of collagen matrix

Printing of hollow organs

Ceramic printing ofjoints and bones

Printing of collagen matrix

Production of special matrices created with the help of drop-jet technology will allow creation of skin and muscle fibers from cells completely biocompatible with the carrier's DNA. Within the framework of IQDEMY Bio skin printing equipment will be created for people with skin injuries caused by burns and other types of injuries.

Printing of hollow organs

At the development stage of IQDEMY Bio project, equipment for printing hollow bodies will be created. This will allow the world community to not only successfully combat stomach, intestines, uterus cancers, but also quickly renew damaged organs after an accident. Developments aimed at implementing this technology are already conducted.

Ceramic printing of joints and bones

Within the framework of IQDEMY Bio development of technology for printing by ceramic compounds to create reliable and biocompatible bone structures and joints will be completed. Ceramic printing will be the most promising way of skeletal prosthetics.