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Welcome! This is a digital page for potential dealers of IQDEMY - International company headquartered in Switzerland.

For a start

We must say that our task is to find not only a distributor, but a reliable partner with whom we will promote our products and technologies. We are ready to invest our time, strength and resources in the development of your business if you are really a man of action and want to become our successful partner.

Vladislav Mirchev

President of IQDEMY Holding

Active dealers are our true partners in all our projects.

Our holding history started in 1998 and includes a franchise network of 140 printing studios, our own electronics production, chemical laboratory that develops unique inks. We cooperate with medical institutes and we carry out developments in the field of bioprinting (e.g. quantum dots, bio cells and so on), we supply electronics and develop custom printing solutions for the top players of different markets. Unfortunately, we can’t disclose the names of all our major partners due to NDA, hope you understand it.

We take part in all significant world exhibitions.

Together with the dealers we showcase our projects at 30 exhibitions at least around the world every year. We also carry out large-scale marketing campaigns and are ready to hold them on your local market assisting you, using the most effective promotional tools.

Why do we call a dealer ‘a partner’?

We do not create competition between dealers, only you or your company can sell our products on your territory. No matter who finds a client from your region - we or other dealers, this deal will be yours. We strictly regulate this issue by contract and protect your sales territory rights. These are the terms of the contract and our code!

Exclusively sell our ink.

We give an opportunity to exclusively sell our ink in their region to the dealers. By the way, at the moment we are ready to provide for the sale of 300 liters of UV inks to the dealer with a prepayment of 5% only. We developed UV inks that fit world standards and support the normal operation of print heads. They are guaranteed to withstand 5 years of life in extreme conditions of heat, frost, moisture and ultraviolet radiation. There are also flushes, primers and varnishes of our own production in IQDEMY product range.

Customer's trust is really important.

We provide a flexible printer configuration for end user; we can change type and number of print heads, LED units and other components literally on the go, when the printer is already shipped. An individual approach to each of dealers and their clients leads to additional investments for us but it forms the necessary company image. Customer's trust is something that is really important for us. We hope that you feel the same way.

Our engineers install first printers simultaneously training dealer's engineers, so that the dealer can execute the maintenance and service of the client's printers by his team. Also, the dealer gets the opportunity to exclusively sell parts and consumables to customers in his region thus generating additional income.

Searching for customers together.

In the process of working with potential customers, ready sets of UV printing samples on different materials are the great help for dealers, furthermore we can make client’s specific material samples on demand, and our support team is always ready to answer any client's question. Creating a positive opinion about our company and bright impressions of the capabilities of our equipment is our common goal.

We provide hardware solution for our dealers to control the printer operational status thus making financing and staggered payment plans safe. You can limit the work of your client's printer if there are gaps in payments. We understand that timely payments are very important for development of your business.

Individual support services.

We also provide individual marketing services to dealers, your personal marketing assistant is always ready to help do everything possible you to make a deal with your client. Our designers can exclusively prepare for you the mock-ups of marketing materials that you will need to advance the sale.

At the moment we already have experience of successful cooperation with dealers in 25 countries. Despite the fact that these people with different mentality living in countries with different laws, we are united by common successful and profitable business. Today we are looking for responsible partners who are ready to make efforts in their own business development in Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, Iceland, Italy, France, Eastern Europe, the Persian Gulf, the USA and Canada!

Three steps for expand the borders of business with us:

Together we analyze and set the marketing strategy.

We suit individual dealer support program, which means providing the necessary equipment, materials, documents, contacts and other things for successful sales.

Sign a partnership agreement.

As a result

Together we work on expanding our printing market share. If you are an active entrepreneur, our cooperation will not be limited just on selling printers. Today, the printing market is developing at a staggering pace and our engineers, designers, programmers, and chemists work daily to anticipate customer needs and to be competitive not only today but tomorrow also. Besides traditional ink jet we are expanding in other advanced technologies. You can become a part of our modern fast-growing holding company and present to the market truly

 innovative solutions. Join us!


So, here are 3 UV-LED printers, which today represent our main product range. 

Read the individual offer for each of them:




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